Our Products

We have wide range of renewable energy products that you can choose from. Click on linksĀ to view images and see specifications.

DIY Solar Products
For your project needs.
Use any of these for home or school projects.

Solar Panels
Our solar panels are monocrystalline class A and ranges from 5 watts to 200 watts, 12V, 24V. Other sizes higher than 200 watts please call for availability. Polycrystalline also available.

Solar Charge Controllers
Wide selection of solar charge controllers to choose from, PWM, MPPT, sizes range from 10A up to 80A, 12V-24V.

Power Inverters
We offer inverters of different types

  • Modified sinewave
  • Pure sinewave
  • Transformer type inverters.


Lighting Products

Cooling Products
Select from this 3 Solar Fans: Stand fan, deskfan and box fan.

Entertainment Products

Our products are directly imported. We sell ready made and DIY products. Please contact us for more inquiries.

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