Stand Alone Solar Powered Street Lamp

Our newest product today is this Stand alone Solar Powered Street Lamp, hassle free installation, you only need to screw this on the wall or post, clamp, bolts and nuts are included in the set.  4 watts LED street lamp with photo sensor and motion sensor.

solar powered streetlight, solar powered street lamp

solar powered streetlight, solar powered street lamp

– 4 watts LED street lamp
– solar panel
– with photo sensor
– with motion sensor

* Post not included

1. Integrated design—Integrate solar panel, LED, lithium battery, micro-controller and other accessories into one system, simple and stylish.

2. Microwave control system—instead of PIR, microwave motion sensor ensure whole system more sensitive and energy-efficient.

3. Solar panel angle adjustable—Rotate 240° horizontally, 200° vertically, ensure maximum efficiency of solar energy conversion.

4. High efficiency—Light efficiency reach 150lm/w, at same illumination, lower watt available.

5. Long time working—Working continuously for 4-5 rainy days.

6. Widely application—It can be installed in any place with sufficient sunlight. No wire laying, easy installation and little maintenance.

Both wall mounted and pole mounted are suitable.

Here are the photos of the actual light performance of this solar powered streetlight.

solar powered streetlight, solar powered street lamp


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